The Fall 2015 Issue is Ready

Due to unforseen circumstances, the publication of the fall 2015 issue has been delayed… until now!  Expect your copy in the mail soon!  While you wait for it to arrive, enjoy a sneak peak of the table of contents:

Ancient Literacy in New Testament Research: Incorporating a Few More Lines of Enquiry by Brian J. Wright

The Question of Evil and Animal Death before the Fall by Ingrid Faro

“Cursed is Everyone Who is Hanged on a Tree”: Paul’s Citation of Deut 21:23 in             Gal 3:13 by Mary A. Wilson

Sarah as the “Weaker Vessel”: Genesis 18 and 20 in 1 Peter’s Instructions to Husbands in I Pet 3:7 by Nicholas T. Bott

Gender and the Trinity Once More: A Review Article by Thomas H. McCall

Plus numerous book reviews on current publications