About Trinity Journal

Trinity Journal is a theological journal published twice each year by the faculty of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.

Since 1980, Trinity Journal has served scholarship and the church worldwide by making timely essays and reviews available to libraries, pastors, scholars, missionaries, and interested Christian lay people . Articles deal with classic biblical, historical, and theological issues, many of pastoral importance and most of timeless significance to Christians. Authors are abreast of recent research, and they write not just to fellow scholars, but to informed Christians who want to keep their theological basis for ministry fresh and growing.

Trinity Journal operates within the confessional stance of the divinity school. Views of the contributors are their own and not necessarily endorsed by the Editorial Board or the faculty of the divinity school. Unsolicited articles are accepted for consideration for publication.  Additional information for contributors should be consulted on this site.

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Currently the Trinity Journal  is only in print format.  Current subscribers are given access to past issues of the journal through ATLA Serials. Please contact trinjournal@teds.edu with any questions or to receive login information.